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For those who love long hair...

and for those who strive for it

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Long Hair Care Community
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This community was created so those with long hair, those who want long hair, and those who love long hair can share information. Let's talk products, growth rate, styles and more!

People of all gender identities are welcome in this community; we appreciate long hair on all those who wear it.

If you're interested in tips on growing longer hair, read this FAQ. We get this question frequently, so we've condensed a lot of the advice into one place. There's also a bunch of other good information on ingredients, hairstyles, dealing with different types of hair, etc in the memories. Please check them out before posting a question. We're happy to help, but try doing some research first before making a post. Pictures of your hair, behind cuts, are always welcome!

Rules? We've got a few.
1) This is a place to talk about long hair and hair care. Let's keep it on-topic.
2) This isn't a length competition. "Longer" does not equal "better."
3) Play nice. No abusive comments.
4) If you want to sell something you've made, promote a new LJ community, or something that isn't quite on topic , just ping austingoddess via this post. If I think it's groovy, then I'll ask you to put it all behind a cut, and everything's good to go. Spam us, and you'll be marked as spam. Wish it didn't need to be said, but there you go.
5) If you need to report a spammer or abusive person, you can use the link above, or send me a message on LJ mail. I do at least skim all the posts here, but I usually only read all the comments if there's a lot of them when I'm looking.
6) If you have a post to make that isn't particularly all about hair care/styles/supplies/products/tips, or if it's more than a paragraph or so, or if it contains pictures (which are encouraged!), please put the remainder of your post behind a LJ cut. Ideally with some sort of descriptive description in it that lets people know what they'll find if they click through. It'll make it easier for those who wish to scroll through, but you don't have to worry about the actual content so much as long as it is on-topic.
7) Don't leave comments that could easily make someone feel uncomfortable. Have fun, don't get paranoid, but keep the theme of the community in mind when commenting. We aren't a sexually-oriented community, so that kind of content is not welcome. Avoid bowchicka-type suggestive posts/comments. (Hair covering naked backs is fine...telling someone they are sexy when they only wanted an opinion about trimming is right out.)

Come in, take a look at the memories, and enjoy!

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