Nena (nenaknight) wrote in longhair,

Great comment overheard!

Okay, so I'm at the Yellow Daisy Fest at Stone Mountain Park, in GA. I overheard this woman commenting on another woman's lovely long hair. She had her hair in a loose braid that fell to her mid-low back.

Yes her hair was FAB, yes she looked great with that style, but to ask if she was going to donate it to "those kids with cancer", I almost fell over.

SOOOOOO..... Her comment went something like this.

"Well, I work at the Children's hospital here in Atlanta, and as soon as I get 1000 bone marrow donors, on the bone marrow registry, I will cut my hair and make a wig for one of the children IN (stressed the word in) the ward. Are you a bone marrow donor? Here."

The best thing happened, she then shoved that lady a CARD to register as a bone marrow donor!

That commenter person had the look of guilt, shame, and I think fear. Practically RAN off after that. The worst was she tossed the card.

Now the lovely long haired woman. Had something. The shock value is enough to make people think... maybe, or at least become a bone marrow donor. For those "kids with cancer".

Just thought I would share.

If you happen to be this person with the long hair. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!
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