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Henna! :-)

I hennaed my hair Sunday! For a bit of background, I have been growing my hair out for almost 5 years now, before that I dyed the shit out of it, so the bottom 5 inches or so are from that past (I know, I know, I need to trim...)

My hands looked like shit for a few days (should have worn gloves in the shower!) but my hair looks fantastic. I used 400g of henna (ordered from tapdancinglizard) mixed with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and plain vinegar (I was running out of things, can you tell?). I wrmed the henna slightly to rush the dye release. The I let it sit for about 7 hours. Here are the pictures of the process:

My hair before any henna

Twisting into sections to make applying the henna easier

Deme applying the henna. This has a huge mess-potential as the henna is like mud that stains super fast.

After the henna was applied

Close-ups of my hennaed hair

The bucket now with the empty bags of henna - it took a LOT of henna to do my hair!

After I wrapped my hair in plastic (to conserve heat and keep it from drying out)

Wrapped up and ready to go do my laundry!

My Hennaed Hair!

It took an hour in the shower to wash it all out, and it still had some henna dust in it the next day, so I had to wash it again. When I took the hennaed coils down in the shower, covered in goop as they were, and the "water" coming off them like pure mud, I felt like nothing so much as that I was in The Ring, having just stepped out of a viscous swamp. When the water FINALLY ran lighter (say, tea-colored), I was able to rinse more thouroughly. I finished with a rosemary-fennel infusion rinse, mainly because it smells nice.

The color looks great, and many many people have told me it looks like I "went back" to my natural color. The henna I used was Body-Art Quality henna mixed with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and plain vinegar to the consistency of yogurt. Nothing else was added, and I waited (at least partly) for the dye to release first. I kep it on my hair for about 7 hours (counting from when the application was finished, which itself took at least an hour.)

I am still really happy with it, and the henna seems to have made my hair silkier, which is a very nice side effect.

I have to add, I am AMAZED by the amount of attention I am getting as a redhead! SO many people have commented on it, strangers on the train, etc. This was very unexpected, but not unwelcome. :-)
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