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Facebook group?

Hello, long-haired beauties of all genders! I really miss the days when this community was super active, or for that matter, LiveJournal in general. But I know that most people have moved on to other forms of social media. If anyone is still here to see this, I was wondering if there is a Facebook group frequented by the members who used to be active here, one that is associated with this group, or just another one that you can recommend to me? I did a search and found several groups, and it's hard to know which one is the best and will serve my purposes the best. I'm looking for one to read and share ALL kinds of posts about long hair, not just growth tips and progress pics (but including those along with others). Just a place similar to what this group was when LJ was super active. I would appreciate any help you can offer.
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Hair trap

Help! Can anyone recommend a hair trap that will fit this kind of drain and work well?

I just moved and this is what I have now. I need to wash my hair in a few days and the kind of hair traps I'm used to using don't fit this drain.
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Natural, sulfate-free shampoo recommendations?

We all know it's best to switch up hair products from time to time, and I've been using the same products for too long. It's time to try something new. My hair's getting bored with what I've been using and is becoming a bit limp and flat, or so it feels to me. I'm mostly looking for a new sulfate-free shampoo. Asking for recommendations for brands I may have never tried before, preferably ones that have a lot of natural ingredients. Looking for something to revive my hair and restore some volume, because as I said, it's getting a bit limp from using the same products for too long. But at the same time, I've had problems with frizz in the past. So I'd like to find a balance between the two... voluminous but soft and luxurious. I've used a lot of Organix shampoos and some Giovanni ones, and I'm hoping to try a brand that's completely new to me. I wanted to try Lush shampoo bars because I remember hearing good things about them, until I went shopping on their website and discovered that they have SLS in them. What are your favorite natural, sulfate-free brands?

Edited to add: Has anybody tried this?

Or this?

The Mop Top one sounds interesting and has good reviews.

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Hello, it's me again!

Would conditioner-only hair washing be of any benefit to my hair type? My hair is fine but there's a lot of it; the roots get greasy quickly, but the ends are often dry. It's a real balancing act trying to keep my hair happy!

I've heard that using conditioner-only can be great for your hair, providing that its silicone free. This seems to be the case for those with curly and/or coarse hair, but maybe not so much for those with fine hair like mine. However, I've also read that it can be really good. The hair is being conditioned and cleaned, and with time, will start to produce less sebum because it's being adequately conditioned.

That is a terrible explanation, I do apologise, but it's what I gleaned from the various sources of information available out there. And there's A LOT.

I think I will try this anyway, because I'm intrigued, but I wondered if anyone could give me any advice/ feedback?

Many thanks :)

UPDATE: I've tried this a few times now, and I have to say, I'm REALLY impressed with it! The day I tried it for the first time, my hair was properly greasy and in need of a clean. Perfect to trial this, I thought. If it didn't do much good, I was prepared to just spray in some dry shampoo and move on to the next thing next time round. But I was pleasantly surprised. My hair afterwards was clean... fluffy, and perfectly lovely! No oily mess! I was chuffed. When I saw my friend that day, I proudly announced what I'd used to clean my hair that morning.

Granted, it didn't last all that long. It was 'greasy' (or becoming so) by the following day, but tbh, this is no different to when I used shampoo, so I'm okay with this. And I'm hoping with time I will be able to go longer between washes? Let's see, shall we!

Link for a picture from vintagephoto

Is anyone here a member of vintagephoto community on LiveJournal? There is a post that has a picture of printmaker Yoshijiro Urishibara's wife, and I really like her hair.

It's as if she was trying to copy the USian 20s style hair, but her hair was a bit longer than the Western woman's hair. It looks like a roll, with a couple decorative pins.

It's very cool, and I'd love to if anyone has any idea how it might have been done. Anyone here really good at replicating hairdos?

I'll put the link in a reply under this, as I don't know if it will come up as spam.

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I have thick hair down to the bottom of my rib cage. About two years ago I was in a car accident and my cranial nerves have been damaged. I can't put my hair up anymore, so I'm thinking I have to cut it, but I really don't want to! Anyone else deal with this or have any suggestions for simple but supportive hair styles?

Baking soda poll?

My hair HATES shampoo on my scalp so I went around looking for alternate methods of washing my hair and I'd found a method that my hair really likes. My hair doesn't fall out as much, I can maybe slip in a skip day when it concerns washing my hair while I really couldn't do that with shampoo. Truth be told it'd look like I dipped the top of my head in a bag of Lay's potato chips if I dared try skipping a day when it concerns washing my hair. And I also think shampoo was causing my hair to shed/fall out more.

Anyway, part of this method involves baking soda. But last night I stumbled across quite a few people that had MAJOR problems using baking soda. Some people talked about their hair looking fried, hair loss. So I'm curious to see how many of you use baking soda, how long you've used it, how many times a week do you wash your hair with baking soda. I'm also curious about the ones that have tried baking soda and either didn't like it or they experienced problems like what these other people are talking about.

A part of me feels like my attitude is "Hey, it works for me. It might not work for everybody but it works for me. IF I see any problems occur, that's when to draw back and maybe try looking up other methods of washing my hair.

Btw I get an empty sour cream container and put a tablespoon of baking soda in the container, fill the container up with water and stir it up until it's dissolved. I'm sure some of this mix gets on my length but I really try and concentrate putting it on my scalp and massaging it in.

Thank you very much for any and all replies! I appreciate it! :)
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Using indigo on previously dyed hair

Tried to Google this, but you know how inaccurate Google results can be sometimes. I've heard it discussed before in this community a long time ago, but can't remember what the consensus was.

I've never used chemical dye on my hair, but am considering having it done once (professionally) for convenience before a trip out-of-town. Due to... unusual living arrangements... I just don't know if I can commit to coloring my hair the natural (a.k.a. messy) way right now, but the last time I colored it was over 6 months ago and I would like to redo it so it's all one color for my trip. Maybe just this one time, and then I would want to use indigo on it again in the future.

So has anyone had luck using indigo over hair that has been previously dyed? Specifically indigo and not henna, though I don't know if there would be any differences in this regard.

On the other hand, has anyone had a bad experience, such as the natural dye reacting badly when used over chemical dye? My hair will be more or less black with both options, so I'm not too concerned about minor color differences.