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2+ years of growing out my hair

So, two years ago around September, I cut my hair to almost a crew cut. Since then I've decided to grow it as long as it wishes to grow, while keeping it at the best of shape I can by natural means. For this, you guys were awesome supporters and I get a lot of compliments on my hair because it's so soft and shiny and healthy looking. When I get a close look at it, I'm kind of shocked myself how it can be so shiny and soft, it almost looks plastic it's unreal *shamelessly tooting my own horn*

So here's how it looks now:

The curls are natural :P After three hennas, at least three months of no-poo (never going back to poo, neveeeeeeeer!), an oil treatment (coconut/olive/indian oil mix) one a week, a ACV treatment once a week, and alo gel moisturising after every shower.

Thanks you guys!!
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