K. (rustleofspring) wrote in longhair,

Growing out layers

I'm going to get a trim tomorrow and I'm having a bit of trouble on how to describe what I want. Basically, I want to keep the length as much as possible as well as grow out my layers. My hair is an inch past my collar bone, and my shortest layer is an inch below my chin.

Besides telling her all of this, should I just ask her to clean it up all around while trying to keep up as much length as possible? Or try to even out the bottom layers with my top? I don't want to chop off all my hair. :( I'm just confused about growing out my layers while trying to grow my hair out to waist length with minimal to no layers.

EDIT: First off, thank you for all your advice! I basically explained what I wanted above to my hairdresser and we made a game plan from there. Luckily, she's the type that will cut off a half an inch and sticks with it. So, in the end, she basically cleaned up and trimmed each layer (it needed it!) and then every other visit, she'll just trim the longest layer so the other layers can eventually catch up. I think it's a plan! :D
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