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Up-Side-Down French Braiding Sans Going Up-Side-Down


I haven't posted here for a long time. I chopped my hair about a year ago from a little more than hip length to a little shorter than BSL. I like BSL because it's short enough to keep my head from feeling like it's pulling around a basket of bricks but long enough so that I can tie it in a bun, loop the hair through and not even worry about a securing apparatus if I'm feeling apathetic. Experience Level: I've been auto-french braiding my hair for a very long time, but I think this technique might help people who are having trouble with basic french braiding as well. Just go from the top of the head down instead. This technique doesn't necessarily help with hand grasping technique, that takes time, but it can help even out your sections. Also, up-side-down french braiding is super helpful for any high up hair style that you want to secure a little better due to the sheer weight of having crazy long hair.

I have been looking for different ways to wear my hair during exercise, especially hip hop (of which I'm in a performance in a couple of weeks) so I wanted the style to look cool as well. I was experimenting with french braids coming from all different directions to hold a high ponytail secure because it's fun to whip my hair back and forth, and I finally found a tutorial that made tight up-side-down french braiding easy, and cut out the flipping your head up-side-down hassle:

here's what the style ended up looking like for me (5 compliments at work, keep in mind these pictures are taken AFTER my long hard hot work day, no hairspray/product needed):
I used spin pins instead of an elastic to secure the initial bun, and then reapplied when twisting the hair around. I also used an elastic to secure the end of the braid:

Now to change it up for my dance class, I'm taking out the bun, doing a quick little dutch braid with the top layer of hair, and then pulling both braids back into a high pony to shake it. Hope this post gave soem of you guys some inspiration!
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