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I'm going to be swimming regularly for the next month, have a week of aquatics training - so literally like hours and hours in a pool - then this fall I will be an intern at an indoor waterpark. Even if I'm not in the water all the time, I'll still be around it.

I already re-read this post (that I even commented on, lol) about hair care for swimming. I just had a couple of quick questions for my specific case, to try and minimize the damage: 

1) Should I both wet and oil before going in? Then shampoo immediately after? For slightly constant/longterm-ish use, what do you most recommend? Note: I am unable to use a swimcap. Partly because they always painfully tangle around my hair, and also because for my aquatics training, we aren't allowed to use them. 
2) Would you oil after as well? While it's still wet?!
3) Braiding y/n? I usually swim with my hair loose simply because of the tangle factor, and buns get too heavy when they're wet. I also used to avoid elastics altogether because of how fragile my hair is/was but the past couple years and thanks to the coconut oil it has strengthened quite a bit (and in fact usually after I oil it I can only have it in a ponytail because nothing else will stick, ha) 
4) Once the month is over, any recommendations for easing my hair back into my usual routine? Or suggested treatments for the damage I'm sure I will cause it?

Quick things about my routine:
--I use Lush products: I am a Godiva addict and I use the Jungle conditioner in the shower. No -cones but I have a couple of spots on my scalp that are ridiculously finicky about being oily sometimes and I never know when they're gonna get crazy, and it is otherwise impossible to get it out or distribute it.
--I wash every 3ish days. Usually the day before I will put in some coconut oil.
--Type 1 or 2a: very fine, thin. Currently a smidge past waist length.
--I avoid plastic whenever possible and have a couple of wooden combs. Nothing fancy, but they made a world of difference soon as I bought them, haha. 

Thanks lovelies!
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