Meghann (lady_tigerlily) wrote in longhair,

Indian Braid Jewelry (pictures below)

Hi everybody.  

I was wondering if anybody had any info on the jada (also called a choti), which is an Indian hairpiece made of a series of ornaments one hangs on a braid.  Sometimes they come with lengths of faux hair in case your hair isn't long enough for bigger jada.  They're often seen during weddings, but I was curious, is that the only time they're used?  The tikka (a pendant that lays over one's part) can be used for more than weddings, I'm pretty sure.  I'd like to try to find some either online or in a store somewhere.  I don't want to dress in something that's strictly wedding jewelry, though.  Any thoughts?

Here are some examples of jada/choti.

And here are examples of tikka

I just really admire Indian hair ornaments and I'd like to learn more about them. :)
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