ash wolf (wolfbane) wrote in longhair,
ash wolf

I don't WANT to cut my hair off.

I went to the salon today to get my hair trimmed up and my bangs cut. My hair is just about waist-length. Everybody at the salon kept remarking on how mine was the "longest hair they had EVER cut!" and when I told them I was going to keep growing it, they said "but it's already SO long! You should try something new!"

I guess I should be glad that my hair is long enough for people to take notice, but it's still kind of annoying. I get people asking me if my hair is a wig a lot (mostly customers at work) and people telling me I should donate it. It's not even THAT long, compared to a lot of people I've seen in this community. Why is it that once your hair gets past BSL or so that people think you should immediately cut it?! I was just hoping to commiserate with some people who understand!
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