Shakespeare's Sister (surefire14) wrote in longhair,
Shakespeare's Sister

Water park hairstyles

Hey! I've lurked on here ever since I've decided to grow my hair out about 1.5 years ago. I had long hair most of my life then in college I took a dive into the short hair world and had a severe a-line where the back was very short.

My hair is now about 2 inches past my shoulders. I have a question to ask you girls and guys. I am going to an indoor water park on Monday and I need a tight and flat way to wear my hair so it does not get tangled. I know that a french braid would be very good but unfortunately I do not know how to french braid and I don't know if two days is long enough to learn and perfect the art. Unfortunately since my hair is not terribly long yet, my options are a bit limited.

What do you recommend? Is it really hard to learn how to french braid? I just really want something flat for body slides and where the maximum amount of hair can be tightly restrained. The last thing I want is to spend 15 painful minutes in the changeroom combing out snarls.

Thank you in advance!
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