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[23 Mar 2015|06:27pm]

Hey folks. Thanks for all your helpful advice on my recent post.

I saw my GP last week and have had a TON of blood drawn for tests (possibly hormonal, possibly iron deficient), BUT.. she said it could also be telogen effluvium as I had a period of fairly unrelenting illness (tonsillitis, then something that's terrifyingly called acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis, then bronchitis, then more tonsillitis) that started in October last year and only really cleared up in January/early February.

If it is TE, I guess I'd find it really helpful to know if anyone else has had this? How long did the serious shedding phase last for you, and how long was it until you felt like your hair was thickening back up again?

Thanks again for all the helpful comments and support. It's such a horrible thing, I know stress can make your hair fall out and this is making me super stressed (like waking up crying because I'm losing so much hair) and of course that's the last thing I need because it could be making it worse :(
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Updos? [23 Mar 2015|12:02am]

Hello y'all!

I'm so happy with the growth I've seen over the past year and a half! I loved my hair short...for like 2 months, then I wanted it long again haha. Here's a little before-and-after...

Anyway, it's getting long enough so I really need to start putting it up on a regular basis. This is tough because 1.) I don't feel like I look as good with my hair up as I do with it down, and 2.) it's quite straight, and I hate having uneven waves or bends in it.

so I'm on the prowl for good updos! What are your everyday standards? How do you do your hair when you sleep? Do you guys have any favorite Youtube users who do hair tutorials?

Thank you!
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Quickie question about boar's hair brushes [21 Mar 2015|07:38am]

Those who use them... did you wash it before using it? How often do you clean them, and what do you use to clean them?

PS Attention MOD. Can we have a 'hair brush' tag?
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Anyone looking for anti-static handcrafted combs? [20 Mar 2015|10:22am]

I FOUND SOME! Sorry, I am just so tickled over my find. I even took pictures right away in the parking lot with my ratty old phone. So the pictures aren't really great. Hopefully I'll take some more of them later.

So I was at the Medallion shopping center in Dallas, TX. I needed another sleeping cap, so I went to a little beauty shop/salon that is in the same center. I try to shop at small businesses when possible. Well, they didn't have any sleeping caps. They had a really nice heavy duty bouffant sized shower cap.

They also had some Denman brushes. And they had those handmade anti-static combs. I think they are celluloid rather than plastic. Brand name was di Prima, hand crafted in Germany. I have not been able to find these type of comb since Tenderheaded Accessories closed up.

I also found a wooden bristle brush that DIDN'T have those annoying balls on the end of the bristles. Plus a really nice boar bristle brush.

I thought I'd pass along the shop's information in case anyone else wants to get some of these combs.
Gallery Coiffures
5835 Abrams Rd. #401
Dallas, TX 75214


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Help? Hold my hand? [09 Mar 2015|02:37pm]

I think I've finally got to the point where I've been colouring my hair for too long and need to cut it all off.

To say I'm scared and upset would be fairly accurate.. I've spent years growing my hair (it's currently around bottom of bra strap length) and I adore having it bright red.. But I think the bleach has finally killed too much, I'm now starting to see my scalp through my hair, it's that thin.

So, I guess the only real course of action is to ditch the red and go back to a more natural colour so I don't need to dye it after that, and cut pretty much most of it off so that it has a chance to start regrowing - unless there's some magic option I'm not currently aware of?

If there isn't, and drastic measures are my only way forward, please give me all the internet hugs and hand holding you can? I'm gutted to lose what feels like a HUGE part of my identity :(

(This is what my hair is like -
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Suggestions for hair products [07 Mar 2015|02:28pm]


I'm looking for some things to use in my hair to help with some issues I'm having.

My hair is a bit longer than my waist now and super thick. It gets super staticy in the winter especially, and being so long it's starting to get stuck to things in a rather inconvenient, liable to pull out my hair kind of way. Plus it just looks weird floating around my head and off my back.

I also have an issue with my hair getting weirdly difficult to run my hands through after I straighten it. I usually only need to do my ends now since it's long enough the waves are only on the ends. And I don't always use heat, just a few times a month. But when I do my fingers get stuck if I try to run them through later in the day. Maybe I need some kind of cream or hair milk?

And while I'm here, any suggestions for dry shampoo brands?

I usually try to stick with more natrual products for my hair, but I'm willing to use whatever may work at this point, especially since I wouldn't need them super often. Thanks!

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Long-haired parents, talk to me! [18 Jan 2015|12:11am]

I am having a baby at the end of February.

My hair is mid-thigh (was to my knees last summer but I cut off about 4" to deal with some breakage and then life happened, including a hospital stay in October). It is coarse, wavy because I keep it braided or in a bun (or both).

Current care: I wash it very rarely; dry shampoo once a week, spray conditioner with Argan oil after the shampoo; keep it up or braided or both at all times; comb to detangle every morning; BBB when doing the dry shampoo, for distribution of powder; dust before dry shampoo to try and deal with breakage better (I wasn't doing it last summer, hence the need for the big trim).

When I put it up I use hair sticks or bobby pins with a bun cover. Sometimes if I'm leaving it just in a braid, I wind it up and put on a snood.

My question is, how can I keep my hair nice once baby is born? I know that my current routine is probably not going to work anymore given how long it takes (well, that once a week thing I mean; the daily stuff takes maybe five minutes). If absolutely necessary, I am willing to get my hair cut (no shorter than an inch below my shoulders; then I can do a French twist - takes me about 30 seconds - and look fancy) but I would like to avoid that if possible since I was hoping to find out my terminal length and I'm not sure if knee-length is really it.

So... hit me with your best tips on postpartum hair care!
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Dying to Dye [20 Nov 2014|07:53pm]

Hello longhairs, I have a dying question for you:

Last year, I did something new, and dyed the underneath half of my dark brown hair red-violet. They didn't bleach it first (or even give that as an option) so within about a month and a half you couldn't see even the faint dark purple that had shown up. I liked it while it lasted, but wished it had been more vibrant and longer-lasting. I did use color-safe shampoo, but it still faded.

Now, I want to do the same thing, but I'm pretty sure they are going to need to bleach it first. My question(s) is, how much damage can I expect this to do to my previously virgin hair? If I use a high-quality shampoo (I don't usually condition, but will a least every once in a while with color) will my hair stay softish? I have naturally thick, coarse hair that is semi-oily, if that matters.

Here's a google image of the idea I'm going for, but my under-color will be more of a pinkish violet.
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'Resetting' my hair by going nearly bald -- is this at all a valid idea? [19 Nov 2014|01:12pm]
I used a hair straightener pretty much every day from ages 12 to 18. Then I used a high heat blow dryer on it from age 18 to 21. I'm almost 23 now, and for the past 2 years I haven't used any heat on my hair. I'm starting to like (or maybe just accept?) my hair better now, but it's still ratty and frizzy and damaged-looking. I've never dyed my hair, but...

I don't know, even though it's soft and *can* be styled to look nice, my natural hair is just feeling like dead weight. I want to shave my head and see if it grows back any nicer-looking. Is this at all a valid idea? I don't really mind if I look 'ugly' as my hair is growing back because I'm a very introverted person anyway.

I'm also considering... not using any product on my hair when I grow it back. Like, just making sure it stays untangled as much as possible and seeing if that's doable.

And I'm wondering... do you think the texture of my hair would be affected in the long run if I frequently wore hats over it? In other words, if that would somehow influence the texture of my hair as it grows?
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Curling? [25 Oct 2014|09:53am]

 My hair is just below my tailbone. It's naturally very wavy but also quite coarse. It won't hold a curl with heat. I've used techniques from Rapunzel's resource to wet (well, damp) set it, and with product that'll hold for a couple hours before my hair reverts to doing it's own thing. I think it might be the weight of all that hair that pulls the curl out, because it straightens beautifully. Any thoughts on techniques to curl my hair, or product recommendations?
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[21 Oct 2014|08:07pm]

What are everybody's thoughts on dry shampoo?

I recently started using it to prolong time between washes because I intensely dislike the look of greasy roots, but it seems the product gives my hair a gritty feel as if it's covered with a fine, dry, adherent powder (which, I suppose, is just the nature of the beast). This isn't a problem in itself, but it seems like hair that's like that is more likely to break from the friction of brushing, as well as the presence of anything like combs or clips over the course of the day.
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Trims? [31 Aug 2014|03:06pm]

Hello everyone...I'm just wondering if you all had any advice when it comes to trims.

I have some layers and split ends I'd like to grow out. By the way does anyone else feel like they have more split ends with layers? I always regret getting layers, ugh.

Anyways I'm wondering how often and how much to trim to keep ends healthy, but also grow over time. I usually cut my own hair so any at-home methods you guys use would be appreciated.

Thanks! I'm always super interested in other people's hair routines, so go for it :)
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Mass media warning [15 Aug 2014|12:14pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Let a flurry of interest commence.

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Hair dye removal [10 Aug 2014|02:00am]

The beginning of March was the last time I dyed the under layer of my hair using Manic Panic (I think it was either Atomic Turquoise or Voodoo Blue, I have both), I started in November. Since I don't bleach and I just dyed over my natural strawberry blonde hair, the color faded from a turquoise to a green in a few weeks, and is now a not so flattering light algae green that will not leave my hair.

I have tried:

  • vitamin C + dandruff shampoo

  • baking soda + dandruff shampoo

  • regular, sulfate shampoo

  • soaking in bath salts for an hour + at a time

  • and of course not redyeing it since March

The only thing that has been the least effective has been the bath salts, but that really wrecks havoc on my hair until I wash it at least three times after.

I usually use a paraben free, sulfate free, fairly natural shampoo and conditioner, which has probably contributed to the dye sticking around so long, ironically.

A few years back I dyed it a turquiose color, I think it was SFX, which came out green. I had tried to get rid of it with one of those Color Oops kind of kits, which had worked well at getting out red dyes for me before, and it did nothing. Apparently blue based dyes either hate my hair and refuse to take (which has happened before) or they stick around forever. I had to bleach the green out last time, but I'm not willing to do that again.

Does anyone have any suggestions for things I can try? I'm so tired of this dye at this point. I want to be able to dye it another color without the green affecting the outcome and I'd like to be able to put my hair up again without the few inches of new growth and the sickly color showing.

I am out of ideas besides dyeing over it, though I don't really want to use a harsh dye. I am considering henna, does anyone have experience hennaing directly over an unnatural color? I've hennaed before just over my natural hair and over a dye mimicking my natural color that I had over the still bleached half of my hair. If henna is a viable option, can anyone recommend some good online sites to buy from? Even better if they give examples of how the color might turn up over different hair shades.

And if you know of any better comms to ask this in please let me know!
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Progress & First-Time Henna Questions [07 Aug 2014|09:16am]

Hello, all! I have been watching this community for almost two and a half years now--since I "officially" decided to grow out my hair. You all have really helped in my growing out process! I currently wash every other day with shampoo/conditioner sans silicones,SLS, and harsh chemicals in general, and I've never really used heat.

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Baking soda/vinegar washing method? [06 Aug 2014|03:51pm]

Hello fellow long hairs! Long time lurker here.

I have some questions about the "no poo" baking soda/vinegar method of cleansing hair.

I was doing this pretty regularly a while back, and LOVED how it made my hair feel (I have pin-straight, medium thickness hair). But then, I stumbled upon lots of research and testimonies about how it will damage hair over long periods of time. Something about baking soda being too far from the pH of the scalp?

So I'm wondering if there are some of you who have been using this method for a while--what's your input/results? Is it really that important to use pH-balanced cleansing methods?

Right now I'm shampooing every 2-3 days and then doing a bs/acv wash every week or two.
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Help with knots in long hair. [28 Jul 2014|02:29pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

I have/had waist-length henna'd hair (Too babyfine without the henna to do much). I just spent seven days in the hospital flat on my back and unable to lift my arms. Needless to say, the hair suffered. It is one giant matted knot in the back of my head. I've worked out several strands on one side, but the majority is still tied. This is more than just "tangled".

Is there something magical that might help. A tool? An oil? a method?

I've been working at this for over a week with detanglers and leave-in conditioners, and stopped seeing any real progress a while back. I have had four surgeries with full anesthesia in the last month, so it's just plain crunchy anyway.
This is not an "it'll grow back" situation. My hair takes a long time to grow. If I cut the knot off now, it will probably be five years to get down to my shoulders again, I don't have a long enough life expectancy to see it waist-length again.

Can anyone speak to an answer?

PS: I'm in the Portland, Oregon area, if anyone knows of a professional with time and experience.

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hairsticks help? [22 Jul 2014|09:11pm]

[ mood | content ]

i am now getting to where i can say to myself "i have longish hair". (i can see longer hair on others and say it's long, but i'm odd about my own hair.)

i'm growing out layered hair is over-my-face chin length in front, to mid-shoulderblade length at the longest point. it is summertime in houston, texas, and i need to do something with my hair before i chop it off! ok, so i wouldn't chop it off, i'm enjoying it too much. it's soft and pretty, and i dye it unnatural colors. no, i don't bleach beforehand, i just use SFX. my hair is naturally that light ash brown/dark dishwater blonde color with about 40% silver hair it takes the color pretty well without bleaching.

anyway, the heart of the post is that i'd LIKE to learn how to put up my hair with hairsticks. i'd ask my daughter (her hair touches her butt when wet, but is about halfway in between bsl and waist length when dry, thanks to natural spiral curls) but she moved even FURTHER away from me, so...yeah.

anywhere anyone can point me towards tutorials? oh, and does anyone have the answer to the question "WTF, i hit menopause and my hair is becoming curly now?" mine has been stick straight all my life, i hit menopause about 2 years ago and my hair is wavy and then a loose spiral (individual hairs) as it's gotten about 9 inches long. it's unreal!

thank you anyone for your help!

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Extensions? [11 Jul 2014|03:26pm]

I've never had extensions before and I've always thought of them as being bothersome.

But since I got fibromyalgia my hair has gotten thinner and even though I've managed to grow it to my waist it looks feeble. Flat ironing and curling irons aren't something I want to depend on and the humidity would just make using them pointless this time of year.

Cutting it shorter won't make much of a difference in how it looks (it's in pretty good condition) and I'm thinking extensions would make my hair look more substantial/

Anyone have experience with them? Do they pull a lot? Do they itch?

Any thoughts or advice is MUCH appreciated.
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Color or cut? [08 Jun 2014|10:10pm]


Okay longhairs, I'd like some input. I'm not asking anyone to make a decision for me, just offer pros and cons.

I've been growing my hair out for, literally, years. I love having long hair and it's generally much easier to care for and style - at least on me. I've also been dying my hair since I started going gray at 17. About a year ago I switched from run-of-the-mill chemical dyes to henna and, while I love the results, holy carp is it harder to do by myself!! (Also, Lush is not cheap!)

I haven't colored it since February so I've got a good - oh, somewhere between 2 and 4 inches growth judging by the color/root line (see photo). As I said, I started going gray at 17. It's all at the hairline, going from there about 2-3 inches in it's probably 99% gray. The rest of my hair (the crown of my head) is about 99% mousy brown and prone to red only if colored. (I could dye my hair blonde or black, it would still turn out some form of red!) So, if not colored, my hair would look fine when down, but I would look almost entirely gray when I pull it back from my face - which is about 90% of the time.

So here's the question currently running through my head - do I suck it up, re-henna, keep it long, and just trim off the chemical damaged ends as it grows out? Or do I get it cut at the color/root line and then re-grow, color free?

It's a rather emotionally charged decision, since this is about 15 years worth of growth we're talking about. And I'm going to go ahead and do as I damn well please, I'm sure you all know that. I would just like some help organizing my thoughts. I'm looking for input and advice - pro and con lists would be great. (The two pictures are my roots - growth since Feb, best pic I could get - and my current length)

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