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Color or cut? [08 Jun 2014|10:10pm]


Okay longhairs, I'd like some input. I'm not asking anyone to make a decision for me, just offer pros and cons.

I've been growing my hair out for, literally, years. I love having long hair and it's generally much easier to care for and style - at least on me. I've also been dying my hair since I started going gray at 17. About a year ago I switched from run-of-the-mill chemical dyes to henna and, while I love the results, holy carp is it harder to do by myself!! (Also, Lush is not cheap!)

I haven't colored it since February so I've got a good - oh, somewhere between 2 and 4 inches growth judging by the color/root line (see photo). As I said, I started going gray at 17. It's all at the hairline, going from there about 2-3 inches in it's probably 99% gray. The rest of my hair (the crown of my head) is about 99% mousy brown and prone to red only if colored. (I could dye my hair blonde or black, it would still turn out some form of red!) So, if not colored, my hair would look fine when down, but I would look almost entirely gray when I pull it back from my face - which is about 90% of the time.

So here's the question currently running through my head - do I suck it up, re-henna, keep it long, and just trim off the chemical damaged ends as it grows out? Or do I get it cut at the color/root line and then re-grow, color free?

It's a rather emotionally charged decision, since this is about 15 years worth of growth we're talking about. And I'm going to go ahead and do as I damn well please, I'm sure you all know that. I would just like some help organizing my thoughts. I'm looking for input and advice - pro and con lists would be great. (The two pictures are my roots - growth since Feb, best pic I could get - and my current length)

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water only progress [15 May 2014|09:36am]

I am three weeks into using the water only method. I'm really not happy with our right now, because who can be happy with a grease party on their scalp?! But I have faith that once I'm out of transition, this could be best for my hair.
I haven't used soap on my body for over a decade, water only just makes sense to me.
Below the cut is a picture of 3 weeks with water only. The length is beautiful and very easy to detangle. When I'm going somewhere, I use tiny bits of baby powder to hide the oil in my roots.
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[05 May 2014|05:48am]

experimenting with victory rolls.
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Just recently received two combs from Etsy [04 Apr 2014|03:46pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

One was Evolatree's Fine toothed rat tail comb.

Very nice and smooth. The only thing I don't like- the way the Lingnum Vitae Wood smells. Strong scents seem to bother me, and it has a scent a bit like citronella.

The other was from NaturalCombHairStick. Medium toothed small comb.
It's a perfect purse size and I'm not detecting any strong scent from the sandalwood. (I do have swollen nasal passages right now, so maybe there is some scent, and I just can't smell it.) Also very smooth and not feeling any rough edges.

In fact, since I got my tax return back, I decided to go to NaturalCombHairStick and get a few more combs. (Like I need more combs.) But I do want a large horn comb for my purse. While I have a wood one, I discovered that if your hair gets wet, combing with a wood comb is an issue. The wood comb I have in my purse right now is a Combmaker comb, and he gave a warning about getting it wet, which might cause it to warp and crack.

Now I'm looking at NCHS brush.
I don't have a hairbrush. Does anyone have any experience with massage brushes like the one pictured?

Edited to add:
The Evolatree Lingnum Vitae Wood comb doesn't seem to be as strongly scented now. Perhaps it needed a chance to 'air out' after having been in the package for awhile.

Third Edit:
I included a comment about the new shipment of combs from NaturalCombHairStick.

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Rash from Biotin [02 Apr 2014|09:59am]

Hey all.

This is for the people who take supplements.

I take Biotin for my hair, skin and nails. I was doing 10,000mcg for awhile, but had to go down to 5,000mcg because I was having little blood rashes break out on my face. It was the only thing I could figure. Now at 5,000mcg I have a tiny one breaking out again. I can't figure out if the last stuff I was taking at 10,000mcg had different fillers and I thus didn't break out, or if this stuff I got from CVS has bad fillers. Or if I'm just taking too much Biotin.

Will taking it every other day still allow me to see results? I color treat my hair, and I can definitely see root growth while taking Biotin where I couldn't before. I have slow growing hair.
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Natural miracle solution to make hair thicker? [22 Mar 2014|07:38pm]


Hi everyone!
Do you know of any natural miracle solution to make hair thicker, stronger, fuller?
I have thin straight hair and want to grow it long so bad, but want it to look nice long, unlike a few years ago when i had really long hair but it was miserably thin and very breaking...
Thank you!

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Henna question [17 Mar 2014|10:40am]

I have decided that I want to try using henna on my hair, but I figured it was better ask advice before plowing ahead without knowing what I'm doing. My hair is currently about tailbone length, brown, straight and somewhat thick. I did read the FAQs on henna here, but my first question, where in the UK is a good place to get proper henna? I love my hair dearly and would hate to end up with something that would make it fall out! I have previously used commercial dyes on it, the last time being around 3 or 4 years ago. Second question, how much would I need to use and how long should I keep it on when I do come to henna my hair?

Thanks in advance for helping out a henna newbie!

Also, hair toy related question: Any good UK sites where I can get hair sticks?
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[25 Feb 2014|11:44am]

So, I have gotten to the point where going to the salon to get a haircut is painful. My hair grows so slowly, only 3 or 4 inches per year is my best guess. The last time I went to get a haircut was last April, and now I've booked another appointment for tomorrow because I got a miraculous, unexpected day off. I've also been looking at my ends and they're getting kinked here and there, as well as ridden with more split ends than I can take care of on my own. They also feel a bit dry, but it could be worse.

But I'm afraid that if I do go, the stylist will undo the progress I have made. The reason I think that is because I've got a complicated haircut where the ends are all different lengths so that they slide past each other and appear "lighter" (weight-wise, not color-wise :)). Assuming I get the same cut, they'll have to cut the ends with a straight razor, and... I don't know. I'm just worried it'll be hard to remake the same shape and only take off an inch or so. I guess when your hair is long a few inches here or there should be no big deal. But my hair grows so slowly, and for the first 15 years of my life I never cut it at all, and it had plateaued at just a few inches past BSL, which is where I am again right now. So I'm legitimately worried that this is my limit. If I don't cut it, the split ends will keep killing the length (as I suspect they did until I was 15). And if I do go for the yearly trims I'll just be undoing the progress I made over and over again.

Sorry for the ramble. I'm just not sure if I'm making the right decision. On the one hand, I feel gross with all these split ends, and I do enjoy going to the stylist. But on the other hand, if I have to go back to BSL I will legitimately feel ugly. It's dumb, I know, that I'm making such a big deal over a measly couple inches, but... Sometimes I look at my ends and feel like I should, and sometimes I want to cry rather than go in.

So, tl ; dr -- how long do you go between trims? How bad do your ends need to get before you go in?

PS: Maybe this coming year will be different in the split end department. I've only recently gotten the hang of using oil on my hair and found a shampoo that I like, so maybe in the future I can stretch out the time between cuts even further. Because keeping the ends not-dry is the key, right? (I also haven't used heat in about two years.)
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brushes [24 Feb 2014|11:10pm]

I could use some recommendations on a good brush for thick (and obviously long) hair.  Note: My hair is somewhat wavy, but not curly.

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Bridal hair [23 Feb 2014|12:58pm]


Hey beautiful ladies. (And men). I have a wedding coming up and I have no idea how I should do my hair. I have straight and thin hair, about bsl length. And bangs. I'll include pics under a cut.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Hair getting shorter and upgraded split end prevention [21 Feb 2014|12:25am]

So after my unexpected drastic haircut of 10 days ago*, I noticed something odd - my hair looks shorter now than it did the day after the cut - it's gone from BSL to curling/waving over the bra strap. Has any of you guys also had this experience? Also rather weirdly, I find that my wavy hair seems to register as shorter than straight hair that hits at the same point, even though logically I know they're the same length and the wave actually means my hair is longer at that length than it was when I was straight.

Also, I've noticed that the dry office air conditioner is wreaking havoc on the ends of my hair, which now poke out of my bun half the time because they're too short to tuck in properly any more. I'm thinking of rubbing some almond oil into the ends as a kind of serum/protector for moisture, but have no idea whether it will work. Any other oil recs for taking care of ends during the day would be very much appreciated!
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Haircut disaster [12 Feb 2014|01:22am]

I'm sorry to let my first post in this comm be like this, but I just had a horrible hair 'trim' experience, and now do not want to leave the house because my hair was the one thing about me that always felt 'pretty' and now I've lost the best part of it to a pair of scissors.

Pics below the cutCollapse )

Does any of you kind people have any tips to help it grow out fast and not look scraggly at the ends/avoid split ends? Because if it does get scraggly, I'll never get back to waist length again with all those scissor-happy people trying to cut off 'damage'.
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it's a milestone! [04 Feb 2014|04:19pm]

my internal thermostat is WAY off and i overheated today. so i'm frantically digging through my purse in the car and praying for a redlight because i KNOW i have some hairties in there...

and it happened. my first REAL PONYTAIL since i started growing my hair out again! a REAL ponytail, not a "oh, look, it's a round paintbrush on the back of my head", a ponytail that makes a festive little curve with all the hair at the back of my head in the hairtie.

(the short bits in the front? still hanging out on their own. but a PONYTAIL!)


pictoral proof. achievement unlocked! :D
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[23 Jan 2014|12:30pm]

Hello, fellow longhairs! My hair is fine and thick -- as in, the strands are thin but there are a lot of them. Consequently, in the summer I am plagued by humidity and in the winter I am maligned by static. The latter is particularly unfortunate because winter is when I am more compelled to wear it down, as it provides added warmth as a cape. Does anyone else have this embarrassing problem, and if so how do you deal with it? I have a feeling there's a relatively easy solution, but I am trying to cut down the amount of stuff I put in my hair, and hairspray isn't really an option because spraying it down would mean washing it every day too, wouldn't it? (I wash once every 3 days).
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Hi [17 Jan 2014|03:17pm]

Hi Everyone,
I'm new to this community and to live journal as well! :)
Looking forward to reading hair tips here! :)
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Walnut oil? [12 Jan 2014|11:51pm]

I happened to see some on clearance at Tom Thumb and I was wondering if anyone has tried using walnut oil on their hair.
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Hair trick! [12 Jan 2014|11:41am]

People probably already know this, but hey, thought I'd share. I love to braid my hair before going to bed (yay, no morning tangles!) but if I'm going to wear it down the next day I hate that final two or three inches of stick straight hair from the unbraided portion. Solution? Roll the end of the braid up in a foam hair curler. No damage from tying the braid off with an elastic, and bouncy curls at the ends of your braid waves. Woo-hoo!
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Progress! [24 Dec 2013|10:10pm]

Merry Christmas Eve Day! As of the Winter Solstic (Dec. 21), I've reached waist-length hair while straight! I'll need it to grow a couple more inches for it to stay waist-length while wavy, but it's still so nice to finally reach waist-length hair.

Pics behind the cut.Collapse )

Thanks to a year of not trimming my hair aside from split ends, I probably grew at least six inches since last November. Yay for almost reaching my goal length. And again, happy holidays to everyone!
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Greasier Hair Post-henna? [22 Dec 2013|05:56pm]

I've hennaed a few times, and I feel that my hair soon after henna starts looking greasy more quickly than, say, 2+ months post-henna (at which point the roots have grown out).

Am I the only one who notices this?

I don't know if a) reddish hair somehow looks greasy more easily than brown hair (highly unlikely), if b) the henna that adheres to hair attracts oils from the scalp very strongly to itself (and therefore to the hair it's on), or if c) the acids added to henna (for dye release) dry out my scalp, which then overcompensates by producing more oil.

Any ideas? Or am I the only person who seems to notice it? Or maybe I'm just overly eager to notice hair grease.
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Perm rod experience? [14 Dec 2013|03:22am]

I've tried rag curlers, I've tried foam + magnetic rollers, and now I'm trying perm rods lol. I've heard that you can use them on wet hair, sleep on them, and you'll get nicely defined curls, which is what I'm looking for? I can't seem to get that kind of result from anything other than heat. Anyone have any experience with perm rods? Thoughts? Recommendations?

Two pics under the cut as an example:

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