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Link for a picture from vintagephoto [14 Oct 2016|10:43pm]

Is anyone here a member of vintagephoto community on LiveJournal? There is a post that has a picture of printmaker Yoshijiro Urishibara's wife, and I really like her hair.

It's as if she was trying to copy the USian 20s style hair, but her hair was a bit longer than the Western woman's hair. It looks like a roll, with a couple decorative pins.

It's very cool, and I'd love to if anyone has any idea how it might have been done. Anyone here really good at replicating hairdos?

I'll put the link in a reply under this, as I don't know if it will come up as spam.
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Musing on a topic only you would understand... [01 Jun 2016|06:45pm]
A couple of years ago I had waist-length hair. Gradually, I cut it into a pixie cut. Last year it was REALLY short. I got tired of my long hair. It is extremely thick and frizzy and has no shape of its own. It won't easily go curly or straight. Usually the scalp is oily while the rest of my head is frizzy. I thought getting a pixie cut would make my hair easier to take care of. I was wrong! I did like that I didn't have to do ANYTHING with it...but that was only when it was really, really short and RIGHT after I had it cut. If I let it grow for even two weeks it started getting out of control again. Furthermore, surprise surprise, my hair was still frizzy and unmanageable even when short - and now it was worse because I couldn't put it up and I couldn't really straighten it. I also discovered I had two cowlicks which looked terrible with short hair.

Now I'm growing it out again and it seems to be growing really slowly, even though I know that's only my perception because it started out so short. The last time I had a haircut was 10 months ago, and now my hair is about down to my collar bones in the back and almost to my chin in the front. I want it to get back down to BSL or a little shorter, but that might take a few years. :( Anyway, this is just to say that I've realized I always want long-ish hair. Maybe you don't consider BSL long but from where I am right now, it would be heavenly!
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[26 Apr 2016|02:53pm]
I have thick hair down to the bottom of my rib cage. About two years ago I was in a car accident and my cranial nerves have been damaged. I can't put my hair up anymore, so I'm thinking I have to cut it, but I really don't want to! Anyone else deal with this or have any suggestions for simple but supportive hair styles?
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Baking soda poll? [17 Apr 2016|08:31pm]

My hair HATES shampoo on my scalp so I went around looking for alternate methods of washing my hair and I'd found a method that my hair really likes. My hair doesn't fall out as much, I can maybe slip in a skip day when it concerns washing my hair while I really couldn't do that with shampoo. Truth be told it'd look like I dipped the top of my head in a bag of Lay's potato chips if I dared try skipping a day when it concerns washing my hair. And I also think shampoo was causing my hair to shed/fall out more.

Anyway, part of this method involves baking soda. But last night I stumbled across quite a few people that had MAJOR problems using baking soda. Some people talked about their hair looking fried, hair loss. So I'm curious to see how many of you use baking soda, how long you've used it, how many times a week do you wash your hair with baking soda. I'm also curious about the ones that have tried baking soda and either didn't like it or they experienced problems like what these other people are talking about.

A part of me feels like my attitude is "Hey, it works for me. It might not work for everybody but it works for me. IF I see any problems occur, that's when to draw back and maybe try looking up other methods of washing my hair.

Btw I get an empty sour cream container and put a tablespoon of baking soda in the container, fill the container up with water and stir it up until it's dissolved. I'm sure some of this mix gets on my length but I really try and concentrate putting it on my scalp and massaging it in.

Thank you very much for any and all replies! I appreciate it! :)
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Using indigo on previously dyed hair [01 Apr 2016|02:42am]

Tried to Google this, but you know how inaccurate Google results can be sometimes. I've heard it discussed before in this community a long time ago, but can't remember what the consensus was.

I've never used chemical dye on my hair, but am considering having it done once (professionally) for convenience before a trip out-of-town. Due to... unusual living arrangements... I just don't know if I can commit to coloring my hair the natural (a.k.a. messy) way right now, but the last time I colored it was over 6 months ago and I would like to redo it so it's all one color for my trip. Maybe just this one time, and then I would want to use indigo on it again in the future.

So has anyone had luck using indigo over hair that has been previously dyed? Specifically indigo and not henna, though I don't know if there would be any differences in this regard.

On the other hand, has anyone had a bad experience, such as the natural dye reacting badly when used over chemical dye? My hair will be more or less black with both options, so I'm not too concerned about minor color differences.
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Halloween! [08 Oct 2015|10:18am]

What are all you lovely long haired people dressing up as for Halloween?!

I'm trying to think of a costume involving some kind of cool hairstyle...

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[16 Sep 2015|12:29am]

As an advocate for natural, chemical-free hair care, it pains me to say this.

But I recently colored my hair black with a teal tint by using 100% indigo powder over my natural brown, and after this experiment I've unfortunately come to the conclusion that it might just be better to have my hair dyed by a... -shudder- professional.

When I first used the indigo, the color was beautiful... I LOVED it. Despite the fact that I stained my bathtub doing it, and that it was a very annoying process that took up my entire day, I at first thought it was worth it. Except there was one downfall... despite the precautions I took, the indigo had dried my hair out a lot and made it frizzy, which didn't go away as quickly as I had expected it to. In fact, it still hasn't gone away (after a week and a half). My hair just isn't as soft and moisturized and pretty as it was before I used indigo.

And then after only a few days, the color started to fade. It's only been a week and a half now, and it has faded A LOT. In the end, the negatives outweighed the positives... and with as fast as the color fades, there's no way I could ever KEEP my hair the color it was when I first did it.


It's so unfair! The color looked great on me! I've always wanted to have black hair, and after I finally saw myself with it, I was in love with it. I want to have that hair color permanently. It looked more natural on me than my actual natural hair color does. It also made me like the color of my eyes more, because black hair matches them better.

For the record, this wasn't my first time using henna/indigo, it was only the first time I'd done 100% indigo. I've used "henndigo" in the past, and have had the same dry/frizzy result to some extent every time. I'm not sure if it's actually the henna/indigo itself that causes this, or just the fact that it takes copious amounts of water to get the mud out of my hair... I'm pretty convinced it's the latter. It just takes so much damn water that it strips my hair and scalp of all its sebum. I did use oils after the fact to re-moisturize it, but it just wasn't enough. Also, yes the indigo was a high-quality one from Mehandi.com/Henna For Hair, and I used it properly with all the necessary precautions.

And so for the first time in my life, I'm considering going to a salon and having my hair dyed. At least it's black dye... it isn't like I would be bleaching anything -- I would never do that! But considering how much the indigo dried my hair out, I honestly don't feel like black dye (if it's a high-quality dye) would be any worse for my hair, especially since the effect would last longer. I won't go to just any salon, though. If I do it, I'm planning to go to the Indian salon because I feel like they might treat my hair better, and understand my attachment to my hair better. I don't know this for sure, but I do think I'll be more comfortable putting my hair into their hands.

Why couldn't I have just been born with black hair?
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Hairstyle and costume of the Roman bride. [15 Aug 2015|11:34pm]

Really cool how-to video showing how they think the Roman bridal 6 braid hairstyle, seni crines, was done. After watching this, I'm now wondering if there were professional seni crines braiders who went around braiding hair before Roman weddings, and would be completely booked at certain times of the year.
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Progress! [05 Aug 2015|10:28pm]

Wanted to post a side by side of my 3 year progress! Also look at my change of hair texture!
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Achievement unlocked: hair trimming [30 Jul 2015|10:00pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Today I took the leap and tried out self trimming. I used Feye's selftrimming tutorial and it was quite easy. :) The only hard part was moving the hairband down over that spot on my back I can't quite reach.

I started out with only about a centimeter and it turned out great. Of course, I needed a bit more than a meager centimeter, so I trimmed some more of.
I don't have any pictures yet, mainly because I braided it just after and at any rate it's almost bedtime. (I have a long workday tomorrow). I'll try to remember to take new pictures though.

In other news I've also just ordered some new stuff to try out on my hair. I'm quite curious about the dry oil and leave in cream conditioner.

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Help with daughter's hair [25 Jul 2015|11:19am]

I'm hoping someone here can help me. I've been struggling with how best to take care of my daughter's hair.

She has thick hair, but the individual strands are still baby fine (she's almost 5). Her hair is curly (ringlets) and down to her waist when wet.

It tangles really easy and she cries when I try to comb it. I'm thinking she has a sensitive scalp that makes it hurt more.

I try to finger comb at night and when I wash her hair, I use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. I comb her hair while it still has conditioner in it when it's really tangled. I recently made my own detangler spray with just conditioner and water as the stuff I bought was sticky and didn't seem to actually do anything.

I don't want to braid her hair over night because it tends to mat unless I leave the hairties in. And it leaves her hair wavy instead of the curls. Brushing also destroys the curls.

Basically I just want something that will help keep her curls, but not leave her in tears when I need to get the tangles out.

Any ideas are appreciated.

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

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Just when I find somewhere that has long hair friendly combs.... [28 Apr 2015|10:21pm]

Gallery Coiffures that I mentioned in this post, where I found some diPrima handcrafted anti-static combs. Plus they had Denman brushes.

They are closing up! Well, darn. I have no idea how long they'll still be open. I'm hoping to go by Friday, and buy some more of the combs if they still have any left.

I'm wondering, would anyone be interested in my going by tomorrow and reporting what Denman brushes and diPrima combs are left?

I'll admit I'm curious as to what's left. And when their close date is.
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Henna: Boiling Water Dye Release and Ultimate Color/intensity [20 Apr 2015|09:44pm]

Has anyone compared henna hair color intensity after dye release using an acid substance and dye release using boiling water? Is the color resulting from using boiling water much less intense?

I'm tempted to try boiling but I'm worried that it won't be very effective and that the resulting hair color will be significantly fainter than what I'm used to.

At the same time, I'd like to try to avoid adding an acid because it seems to dry out my hair (or it's possible that henna itself contributes to this drying). Whether using lemon juice or vinegar, my hair ends up looking very shiny but so dry that it takes it 2 weeks to regain its normal texture and behavior (I don't mind that it's a tiny bit straighter after henna). (I actually prefer white vinegar over lemon juice because I'm convinced that the lemon juice bleaches my hair a bit, which is not what I'm looking for.)

P.S. I have tried using a little amla as the source of acid for henna. It works--but leaves my hair too fluffy, which really doesn't help make my hair look its best.

Edited to add: The one reason I continue using henna over conventional hair dye is that my hair does recover eventually and the keratin scales aren't much affected/roughened.
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[23 Mar 2015|06:27pm]

Hey folks. Thanks for all your helpful advice on my recent post.

I saw my GP last week and have had a TON of blood drawn for tests (possibly hormonal, possibly iron deficient), BUT.. she said it could also be telogen effluvium as I had a period of fairly unrelenting illness (tonsillitis, then something that's terrifyingly called acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis, then bronchitis, then more tonsillitis) that started in October last year and only really cleared up in January/early February.

If it is TE, I guess I'd find it really helpful to know if anyone else has had this? How long did the serious shedding phase last for you, and how long was it until you felt like your hair was thickening back up again?

Thanks again for all the helpful comments and support. It's such a horrible thing, I know stress can make your hair fall out and this is making me super stressed (like waking up crying because I'm losing so much hair) and of course that's the last thing I need because it could be making it worse :(
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Updos? [23 Mar 2015|12:02am]

Hello y'all!

I'm so happy with the growth I've seen over the past year and a half! I loved my hair short...for like 2 months, then I wanted it long again haha. Here's a little before-and-after...

Anyway, it's getting long enough so I really need to start putting it up on a regular basis. This is tough because 1.) I don't feel like I look as good with my hair up as I do with it down, and 2.) it's quite straight, and I hate having uneven waves or bends in it.

so I'm on the prowl for good updos! What are your everyday standards? How do you do your hair when you sleep? Do you guys have any favorite Youtube users who do hair tutorials?

Thank you!
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Quickie question about boar's hair brushes [21 Mar 2015|07:38am]

Those who use them... did you wash it before using it? How often do you clean them, and what do you use to clean them?

PS Attention MOD. Can we have a 'hair brush' tag?
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Anyone looking for anti-static handcrafted combs? [20 Mar 2015|10:22am]

I FOUND SOME! Sorry, I am just so tickled over my find. I even took pictures right away in the parking lot with my ratty old phone. So the pictures aren't really great. Hopefully I'll take some more of them later.

So I was at the Medallion shopping center in Dallas, TX. I needed another sleeping cap, so I went to a little beauty shop/salon that is in the same center. I try to shop at small businesses when possible. Well, they didn't have any sleeping caps. They had a really nice heavy duty bouffant sized shower cap.

They also had some Denman brushes. And they had those handmade anti-static combs. I think they are celluloid rather than plastic. Brand name was di Prima, hand crafted in Germany. I have not been able to find these type of comb since Tenderheaded Accessories closed up.

I also found a wooden bristle brush that DIDN'T have those annoying balls on the end of the bristles. Plus a really nice boar bristle brush.

I thought I'd pass along the shop's information in case anyone else wants to get some of these combs.
Gallery Coiffures
5835 Abrams Rd. #401
Dallas, TX 75214


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Help? Hold my hand? [09 Mar 2015|02:37pm]

I think I've finally got to the point where I've been colouring my hair for too long and need to cut it all off.

To say I'm scared and upset would be fairly accurate.. I've spent years growing my hair (it's currently around bottom of bra strap length) and I adore having it bright red.. But I think the bleach has finally killed too much, I'm now starting to see my scalp through my hair, it's that thin.

So, I guess the only real course of action is to ditch the red and go back to a more natural colour so I don't need to dye it after that, and cut pretty much most of it off so that it has a chance to start regrowing - unless there's some magic option I'm not currently aware of?

If there isn't, and drastic measures are my only way forward, please give me all the internet hugs and hand holding you can? I'm gutted to lose what feels like a HUGE part of my identity :(

(This is what my hair is like - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152787621625086&l=6d8b379b46)
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Suggestions for hair products [07 Mar 2015|02:28pm]


I'm looking for some things to use in my hair to help with some issues I'm having.

My hair is a bit longer than my waist now and super thick. It gets super staticy in the winter especially, and being so long it's starting to get stuck to things in a rather inconvenient, liable to pull out my hair kind of way. Plus it just looks weird floating around my head and off my back.

I also have an issue with my hair getting weirdly difficult to run my hands through after I straighten it. I usually only need to do my ends now since it's long enough the waves are only on the ends. And I don't always use heat, just a few times a month. But when I do my fingers get stuck if I try to run them through later in the day. Maybe I need some kind of cream or hair milk?

And while I'm here, any suggestions for dry shampoo brands?

I usually try to stick with more natrual products for my hair, but I'm willing to use whatever may work at this point, especially since I wouldn't need them super often. Thanks!

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Long-haired parents, talk to me! [18 Jan 2015|12:11am]

I am having a baby at the end of February.

My hair is mid-thigh (was to my knees last summer but I cut off about 4" to deal with some breakage and then life happened, including a hospital stay in October). It is coarse, wavy because I keep it braided or in a bun (or both).

Current care: I wash it very rarely; dry shampoo once a week, spray conditioner with Argan oil after the shampoo; keep it up or braided or both at all times; comb to detangle every morning; BBB when doing the dry shampoo, for distribution of powder; dust before dry shampoo to try and deal with breakage better (I wasn't doing it last summer, hence the need for the big trim).

When I put it up I use hair sticks or bobby pins with a bun cover. Sometimes if I'm leaving it just in a braid, I wind it up and put on a snood.

My question is, how can I keep my hair nice once baby is born? I know that my current routine is probably not going to work anymore given how long it takes (well, that once a week thing I mean; the daily stuff takes maybe five minutes). If absolutely necessary, I am willing to get my hair cut (no shorter than an inch below my shoulders; then I can do a French twist - takes me about 30 seconds - and look fancy) but I would like to avoid that if possible since I was hoping to find out my terminal length and I'm not sure if knee-length is really it.

So... hit me with your best tips on postpartum hair care!
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